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Log Book Servicing (New Old Cars)

If you are planning to increase the resale value or your vehicle’s life, then servicing your vehicle according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications is necessary. This logbook servicing can be done on both new and old vehicles to maintain the warranty. It explains what and how the mechanic should perform the tests at specific intervals. […]
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Performance Upgrades

Increasing the performance of the vehicle increases its life. To make use of your vehicle in its best condition extensively, it is recommended to carry out performance works. Here at Miller, we do various performance works like tunes, turbocharges, upgrades, chips based on the vehicle type and requirement. Our professionals will fine-tune your vehicles various […]
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Vehicle Maintenance & Inspections

To ensure a safe ride and avoid fatal damages during an unfortunate accident, it is essential to inspect and maintain the vehicle at regular intervals. A properly inspected car will even help you reduce potential damages in the long run. Our mechanical experts at Miller will make sure that you travel safely on roads without […]
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Brake Service and Repair

If you are worried about your brake performance, then it is highly recommended to repair and replace them without making a delay. Noisy and spongy brakes should be of great concern and one must know that the vehicle should be given special attention during these occurrences. As we are in the industry for years, our […]
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Zip pay and Zip Money

We are a customer-friendly service and we will make sure to provide facilities that keep you in comfort. And so our payment options are flexible and simple. We know that not all customers bring cash-in-hand and due to the advancement of technology many are opting for cashless payments. So, here at Miller, we allow customers […]
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Automatic Transmission Repairs and Diagnostics

We inspect, service, repair and rebuild automatic transmissions at the time of your request. Being in the industry for years, we are aware of the problems and damages that arise in the transmission and so we have tailored solutions to help you get out of the problems effortlessly. We have skilled professionals who are trained […]
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Clutches and Manual Transmission Repairs

Manual transmission starts working the moment you on the ignition and your gearbox will be under stress whenever you start changing lanes and stop at signals. Therefore, after around 30,000km, your vehicle’s gearbox will become less effective and overheated affecting the performance of the vehicle. So when you hear unusual noises or experience a crunching […]
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Vehicle Diagnostics Repairs

If you are unaware of your vehicle problem yet feel discomfort while driving, then bring your vehicle directly to our garage. We have state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to diagnose the vehicle problem easily. Right from core engine problem to internal damages, your vehicle’s damages will be identified effortlessly by our experts. We even give on-time […]
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Engine Repairs

Miller offers exclusive engine repairs and replacement solutions for all makes and models. Whether your engine is suffering from a simple oil leak problem or a big head gasket problem, our professionals will fix the issue within your demanded time. As we are in the industry for decades, we have precise knowledge to apply the […]
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Diff Repairs

Miller offers comprehensive car’s differential rebuild solutions for customers around Queensland at competitive prices. As the car’s differential is known to be laborious equipment in the system, which is responsible for speed changes, it gets affected after a period of the car’s life. However, this part is said to be a reliable component doesn’t mean […]
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